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Contoh Soal UP (Uji Pengetahuan) PPG Guru Bahasa Inggris Test 1 Materi Pedagogik Terbaru 2022

Contoh Soal UP (Uji Pengetahuan) PPG Guru Bahasa Inggris Materi Pedagogik Terbaru 2022

UP PPG Bahasa Inggris Bag 1
Bagi yang mau mau melaksanakan UP PPG Bahasa Inggis, Berikut ini Contoh Soal Latihan UP (Uji Pengetahuan) PPG Guru Bahasa Inggris Materi Pedagogik Terbaru 2022. Untuk Download file Word, saya sertakan dibagian paling bawah.

1.       The class was chaotic in laughter when a student make a pronounciation mistake. To put the class back in the learning course, Ms. Dewanti should have warned the class empathetically by saying ...

a.       “Hi class, I want all of you to be quiet please.”

b.       “class, can we go back to our topic, please?”

c.       “please, do not laugh at your class mate!”

d.       “Please appreciate you classmate!”

e.       “shut up!, please listen to me!”


2.       The term “Notions” used in the area of national functional curriculum refers to abstract concepts such as existence, space, time, quality, and ...

a.       Contexts of situations

b.       Natural circumtances

c.       Various language functions

d.       Communicative competence

e.       Patternsof expressions


3.       Young children, especially those up to the ages of nine or ten, lear differently from older children in the following ways, except ...

a.       They respond to meaning

b.       They are engaged with abstract thought

c.       They display enthusiasms for learning

d.       They often learn indirectly rather than directly

e.       Their understanding comes from what they see and hear


4.       To get the most out of the ptencial of extroverted student, Mr. Marrina will set up learning activities that allow them to do a lot of ...

a.       Listening and reading

b.       Speaking and listening

c.       Reading and writing

d.       Writing and speaking

e.       Speaking and reading


5.       The warm up session mentioned in the lessonpland should include the following activities except ...

a.       Questions and answers you have written before the class

b.       A revision of the previous lesson lingked to the new (now) lesson

c.       Question to elicit conversation using the new structures and functions

d.       Examples of what your students wil learn in this particular lesson

e.       Spesifically choosen activities to trigger the students interest in the topic


6.       In order to define your lesson’s objective, consider asking youself the following question except ...

a.       What will the students accomplish during this lesson?

b.       To what specific level will the students perform a given task?

c.       How will the students show that they understood and learned the goals?

d.       Does the lesson objective fit in with your state educational standards?

e.       Will you you ensure that you are making the most of you teaching time? 


7.       The priciples of the Direct Method in language teaching include the following propositions except ...

a.       Only everyday vocabulary and sentences are taught

b.       Both speech and listening comprehension are taught

c.       Grammar is carrifully taught in deductive method

d.       Correct pronunciation and grammar are implemented

e.       New teaching points are introduced orally


8.       Ms. Nastiti observed that her class was below the mastery learning criterion in writing how to do things. The reason is not due to language problems, but is more on generating ideas to be written. To solve the problem, she design an innovative strategy through classroom action research the step of which have the elements of ....

a.       Think pair share

b.       Mind mapping

c.       Jigsaw

d.       SQ3R

e.       KWLH


9.       The objective stating that “students will learn ‘passive voice’” is not testable because we do not know whether ....

a.       Students are exposed to real or stimulated situation in experressing it.

b.       Students should be able to understand it in spoken or written language

c.       Both teachers and students are capable of providing communicative tasks.

d.       Teacher are encouraged to supply their students with varied examples

e.       Students are able to find out appropriate situation to apply it


10.   An innovative teacher may apply a peer assesment scheme to test him/her students’ speaking skill. In employing this scheme, he/she expects that the students are sincere and  ....

a.       Use the scheme as a means of obtaning higher grades

b.       Compete against their colleagues to obtain the best scores

c.       Are not motivated to achieve high scores in the subject

d.       Apply the scheme to enhance their oral proficiency

e.       Are able to measure their potential in speaking


11.   At the pre-reading phase, Mr. Mahmud raises a leading question about the theme of the day’s discussion. Sarah anwer the question incorrectly, Mr. Mahmud’s empathetic communication response should be ....

a.       “Can you explain your answer to us?”

b.       “You answer wrongly Sarah, please try again!”

c.       “That is not the answer sarah. Listen to me!”

d.       “Sarah, you do not answer my question”

e.       “Anyone, is it the correct answer?”


12.   Which of the following is the researcher title for classroom action research encompassing the components: Focus, locus, and modus?

a.       Effectiveness of mind mapping to improve descriptive writing of first graders of SMPN 5

b.       Correlation of mind mapping  and the teaching descriptive text of first graders of SMPN 5

c.       Using mind mapping to improve descriptive writing of first graders of SMPN 5

d.       The effect of mind mapping on descriptive writing of first graders of SMPN 5

e.       Mind mapping as a strategy for descriptive writing of first graders of SMPN 5

13.   Ms. Ana wants her students to write an autobiograpy of a national figure. She wants her students to get the data from not just written and spoken but also pictograpic materials. Hence, the learning sources she can make use for her students to get the information needed would involve them to ....

a.       Browse the internet

b.       Interview a historian

c.       Read historical books

d.       Do small library research

e.       Exchange ideas with classmates


14.   With reference in the condition element in the indicator, the authentic assesment type that is appropriate to measure the indicator the follows:

“based on two contexts online sources and observations, students make a report on an extended account explaining reason why a kite to fly in the sky”

Has the basic format that is called ....

a.       Extended response

b.       Performance

c.       Interview

d.       Portofolio

e.       Project


15.   Which learning resource is most suitable to teach a group of hactic students the focus of the learning objective of which is describing a kite?

a.       Outdoor activities in which the group has the chance to fly a kite.

b.       Worksheet with questions guiding the group to describe a kite

c.       Inclass activity with a real kite that the group member can touch

d.       A video recording showing the group pictures of kites to describe

e.       A role play requiring the group members to share ideas of kite making


16.   A syllabus should identify the following aspects of language use in order to be able to develop learner’s communicative competence except ...

a.       The purposes for which the learner wishes to use the target language

b.       The setting in which they will want to use the target language

c.       The communicative events in which the learner will participate

d.       The functional characteristics involved in various linguistic events

e.       The socially defined role the learners will in the target language


17.   …….. randomly out of the 5 classes as the accessible population, the subjects of the experiment represented the students of high-level achievers.

a.       Drawn

b.       Were drawn

c.       Having drawn

d.       They were drawn

18.   I never knew how wonderful life could be ……. I become an English teacher.

a.       until

b.       when

c.       as soon as

d.       in so far as

e.       in as much as


19.   The issue of unemployment in many parts of the world has recently become . . . .

a.       a burning question

b.       a severe concern

c.       a trending topic

d.       a serious talk

e.       a grave theme


20.   Izal lost his laptop in which he kept the draft of his research instruments. There was nothing he could do to continue writing his draft, except that he needed to …………….. with his research instruments.

a.       turn over a new leaf

b.       take it to his heart

c.       work up a sweat

d.       cross his mind

e.       give a hand




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