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Latihan 5 | 30 Soal PPPK P3K Bahasa Inggris SMP, SMA, SMK dan Kunci Jawabannya

30 Soal Latihan 5 PPPK P3K Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK dan Kunci Jawabannya
Soal 5 PPPK Bahasa Inggris
BAHYUDINNOR.COM - Berikut ini saya bagikan Contoh Soal PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris 2021 dan kunci jawabannya beserta pembahasannya yang mungkin sedang anda butuhkan saat ini, khususnya bagi anda yang ingin melamar dalam seleksi penerimaan PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris tahun 2021-2022. Bagi anda lulusan pendidikan Guru Bahasa Inggris, memang sudah seharusnya menguasai tentang Guru Bahasa Inggris.
Dengan begitu, pada saat tes PPPK nanti anda akan lebih menguasai soal-soal PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris. Nah pada kesempatan ini saya akan membagikan link unduhan kumpulan Soal PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris 2021 untuk anda.

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Consider the following phenomenon:
“James is a type of student who likes to have physical movements to learn English”.
What learning activity is suitable for such a student?
A. Memorizing a transactional text
B. Observing a modelled drama
C. Listening to a recording
D. Simulating situational episodes

Kunci Jawaban D

Pay attention to the following text!
Mobile phones seem to be everywhere now and the devices are now in the hands of many kids and teenagers. However, are they really necessary at schools? While this is great for those techno  geeks,  it  does  mean  they  offer  far  more  of  a  distraction  to  kids  than  they  used  to. Nowadays, children cannot only text and make calls with their mobiles, they can also play game, surf the internet and listen to music. All these could interfere with children’s concentration to learn if they play with them in class. Also, many, even though they are asked to do so, forget to turn off their phones during the lessons, meaning they may start to beep, or play music. This not only frustrates and annoys other pupils but also prevents them from learning. Nonetheless, if the children are in immediate danger, they can use their phones to call not only you but the emergency services. This is of great benefit and could potentially save your child’s life. In addition, it allows you to keep track of their whereabouts. Children, especially teenager's, can be elusive and can disappear with their friends for hours without notifying anyone. Letting them have a mobile phone will allow you to know where they are.

Due to their smart features, mobile phone now enable kids to access a variety of features, including ...
A. information, leisure, and education.
B. printed, audio, and visual models
C. games, music and texts.
D. location, education, and amusement.

Kunci Jawaban C
Elusive: sukar dipahami

Most students in the class like acting activities with English.
To challenge them to describe the beauty of our country, suitable and creative learning activities for them would be....
A. Providing a poetry, reciting the poetry, and acting it out in pairs
B. Observing video shows, writing a poetry, and class performance on the poetry
C. Reading a passage, creating a picture based on the passage, explaining the picture created
D. Providing them with pictures, and then writing a descriptive text based on the picture.

Kunci Jawaban B

Which best rephrases the underlined part of the sentence that follows?
In the years after he resigned from his top position in the faculty of letters. Mr. Sussex struggled to polish his image for history more persistently than did any former dean.
A. More persistently compared to any former dean.
B. More persistently than any other former dean.
C. With more persistence than did any other former dean.
D. With a persistence unmatched by any former dean.

Kunci Jawaban B

What instructional aid is recommended in the instructional process of learning English if students belong to the analytic type of individual?
A. Flashcards.                                                           
B. Puzzles.
C. Global picture.                                                     
D. Cue cubes. 

Kunci Jawaban C

Pay attention to the following text!
I never thought that I would be teaching a class as a senior in high school. My teaching experience has been incredible and I think I learned as much from the class as the students did. There are some of many things I learned teaching an adult education class at a teacher collage.

When I was first offered the opportunity to teach an adult education class on teaching English with technology, I thought it would be a great experience. I knew it would look good on my resume. I knew that I would probably learn a lot. However, I did not realize how much fun it would be. I never had to drag myself to class or felt like it was an appalling thing. Before I would start class, especially for the first few times, I would get very nervous. But I began to really love it and before long my anxiety about teaching went away.

To the author, teaching students is …
A. frightening           
B. entertaining.                                                      
C. difficult 
D. enjoying

Kunci Jawaban B

When the district school delivered a policy prohibiting the use of any digitalized tool in the classroom, larders of the teachers union (TU) persuaded Mary jane, a teacher of the school, to demonstrate the benefits of using the tools in her classroom in order to assess the policy in court. However, because Jane did not break the policy on her own initiative, she should never been brought to trial.
Which of the following is an inference underlying the conclusion of the passage above?
A. Those committing crimes at others’ suggestion should not be held responsible for their actions.
B. Rather than Jane, the TU leaders should have been responsible and brought to trial.
C. Groups  like  the  TU  should  not  encourage  criminal  activities  as  a  means  of  testing policies.
D. The school did not have the rights to make the use of digitalized tools a crime.

Kunci Jawaban D

To have a comprehensive assessment of students’ competence in writing a hortatory text
(thesis-argument-recommendation), teachers need to take into account students’ use of ....
A. issue, explanation, and recommendation 
B. claim, reason, refutation, and recommendation
C. main issue, refutation, and suggestion
D. claim, discussion, and conclusion

Kunci Jawaban C

Pay attention to the following text!
I thought that a one month TEFL course and the fact that I am a native speaker of English would be enough to equip me to teach English. As I started to teach in Nepal, and later in India I slowly learnt many lessons myself. The most important lesson I learnt was to be genuine and honest with the students.
Teaching is not simply about entertaining the students, but guiding them honestly and directly through the maze of learning ahead of them. As an English teacher we are imparting more than just knowledge, we also impart wisdom. As we stand in front of a class day after day, the children witness our behaviors both good and bad. The teacher has the task of showing them how  to learn  effectively, and  so the teacher must  look to herself (I use this  to mean  both genders) first and at the methods she employs in developing and presenting both the lessons and herself.

Upon the completion of a training mentioned in the passage, for teaching matters, the author felt ....
A. frank                                                                       
B. adequate                                                              
C. unskilled 
D. organized

Kunci Jawaban B

Pay attention to the following text!
Since the 1970s, one theory that has been popular among schoolteachers and pervasive in education research literature is the ideas of “learning styles”. The ideas is that students will learn more if they are exposed to material through approaches that specifically match their learning style. But in recent years, many academicians have criticized Learning Style saying there is no evidence it improves students understanding.

Now comes a newly published study of 114 academics in higher education in the United Kingdom.  Their  findings  are  very  interesting.  It  was  found  while  58  %  of  the  academics surveyed believe Learning Styles to be beneficial-only 33 % actually used the pedagogical tool. Simply, there is something about the idea of individualized education that appeals, but actually administering  a  Learning  Styles  questionnaire  to  students  and  then  tailoring  the  class curriculum to suit individual students’ personal learning styles is only done by a handful of faculty.
The main idea of paragraph 2 is ...
A. not many practice students’ learning styles in classroom.
B. the new research findings contradicted the previous ones.
C. the research findings were not as interesting as the application. 
D. the idea of learning styles is good but it is hard to be realized.

Kunci Jawaban D

What is meant by this: “Assessment in the classroom is assessment for learning”?
a. Information we get from assessment is used to facilitate students’ further learning.
b. The main objective of assessment is to identify students’ progress in learning.
c. Assessment of students’ learning must be comprehensive and conclusive. 
d. Teaching and assessment are important in language learning.

Kunci Jawaban A

As an English teacher in designing a lesson plan, what components are supposed to be part of plan?

A. Identity,   core   and   basic   competence,   indicators,   learning   objectives,   relevant instructional materials, method and media, learning sources, learning activities and assessment.
B. Identity,   name   of   subject   matter,   competences,   indicators,   learning   objectives, instructional materials, method, learning sources, learning activities and assessment.
C. School identity, core topic, competences, indicators, learning  objectives, instructional material, method, learning sources, learning activities and assessment.
D. Class identity, name of subject matter, core topic, basic competences, indicators, learning objectives, regular materials, materials for remedy and enrichment, and assessment.

Kunci Jawaban A

Consider the following phenomenon:
“James is a type of student who likes to have physical movements to learn English”.
What learning activity is suitable for such a student?
A. Memorizing a transactional text.
B. Listening to a recording.
C. Observing a modelled drama.
D. Simulating situational episodes.

Kunci Jawaban D

Consider the following students’ achievement: “The students’ sample writing compositions
on news item are assessed.”
What form of authentic assessment will a teacher employ to measure the competence?
A. Project. 
B. Product. 
C. Practicum. 
D. Portfolio.

Kunci Jawaban D

Consider the following data:
“Based on the result of analysis for K.D 3, the availability of facilities scores 90, the materials complexity scores 70, and the intake is 60”.
What is the minimum passing grade (KKM) for the English subject?
A. 75
B. 80
C. 83
D. 73
Kunci Jawaban D
90 + 70 + 60 : 210
220/3: 73

If a student always mispronounces the expression ‘excuse me’, a teacher should say ….
A. “Your pronunciation is bad but it needs improving”
B. “I think you need to practice again and again”
C. “If you practice more, you will pronounce it correctly”
D. “Well, have you practiced enough at home?”

Kunci Jawaban C

What main principles should be considered in developing the English Curriculum 2013?
A. Relevance of standards of competences to school vision and mission.
B. Integrations of the macro and micro strategies.
C. Inclusion of learners’ communication strategies in assessment.
D. Relevance of the core competences and basic competences to the level of education.

Kunci Jawaban D

How will a teacher know learners’ initial English?              
A. By administering tests and non-tests.      
B. Through a faculty conference.
C. Through an official document.                     
D. By distributing a questionnaire. 

Kunci Jawaban A
Initial: pemula

What question does a teacher ask the students at the end of lesson if the class atmosphere is at low anxiety during the instructional process?
A. What can you refer to?                                     
B. What materials don’t you understand?
C. What do you think of today’s lesson?         
D. What can you conclude?
Kunci Jawaban C
Low anxiety : kecemasan siswa rendah
Siswa pintar: beri pertanyaan C5 (Evaluating: meminta pendapat) 

What elements are to be included in formulating an instructional objective?
A. Target audience, entry behavior, content, and condition.
B. Audience, target behavior, facilities and content.
C. Audience, target behavior, condition and degree.                                   
D. Communicative purpose, text structure, linguistic features and content.

Kunci Jawaban C
Tujuan Pembelajaran: ABCD

A learner produces phrases and sentences with lots of grammatical errors.
What is her/his level of proficiency?
A. Advanced 
B. Intermediate
C. Beginner 
D. Post

Kunci Jawaban C

If students prefer to make use of sight during the instructional process of learning English, the recommended instructional aid to employ is ….
A. diorama: picture 
B. podcast 
C. iPod 
D. headset

Kunci Jawaban A

Jane likes to learn English by manipulating objects.
What kind of learner is she?

A. Global: berupa pola 
B. Tactile (mengenai sentuhan; touchable). 
C. Analytic. 
D. Visual. 

Kunci Jawaban C

Consider the following data:
“Based on the result of analysis for K.D 3, the availability of facilities scores 80, the materials complexity scores 70, and the intake is 60”.
What is the minimum passing grade for the English subject?
A. 74
B. 80
C. 70
D. 82

Kunci Jawaban C

After the question is constructed, planning procedural steps to collect information/data to answer the question or to solve the problem is set up.
What does the notion refer to?                                                   
A. Situational Instruction. 
B. Collaborative Learning. 
C. Cooperative Learning. 
D. Discovery Learning Model. 

Kunci Jawaban D
Notion: gagasan, ide

Consider the following description of a student’s attitude in a school report:
“Salsabila is considered polite, fairly concerned with others, and self-confident. Honesty,
responsibility, and discipline are relatively improved”.
What grade will the student have?
A. Poor. 
B. Fair. 
C. Good. 
D. Excellent. 

Kunci Jawaban B

In designing English instructional planning a teacher should consider some pedagogical principles.
What are they?
A. Teachers’ background knowledge, relevance of vision and mission, school facilities, and scoring rubric.
B. Inclusion of learning objectives, relevance of learning objectives and competences, utility of instructional media, and time allotment.
C. Students’ individual differences, relevance of basic competences, indicators, materials and assessment, student active learning and utility of technology-based media.
D. School name and identity, correlation of core competences and learning objectives, hidden curriculum subject-matters, and remedy.

Kunci Jawaban C

Contents of curriculum as reflected in the learning outcomes are transformed into .... 
A. cooperative and collaborative learning
B. core competence and spiritual aspect
C. core competence and basic competence
D. basic competences of knowledge and skills

Kunci Jawaban C

The main objective of assessment is to identify students’ progress in learning.
What does the statement above imply?
A. Assessment of students’ learning must be comprehensive and conclusive.
B. Expressing ideas communicatively on various topics on their language accuracy.
C. Utilizing correct grammar, vocab and pronunciation on different language functions. 
D. Carrying out a number of language functions with different topics. 
Kunci Jawaban A

Pay attention to the following problem:
“Based on a teacher’s observation, 80 % of the students have achieved the minimum criteria of
success for reading comprehension less than the determined score 75.
The suitable title for an action research title is ….
A. the impact of board game on the students’ reading comprehension skill
B. enhancing the students’ reading comprehension skill through interactive reading strategy
C. the description of inefficient students’ reading comprehension skills
D. mapping out the students’ reading comprehension skill through discussion

Kunci Jawaban B
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